Chrystie & Rivington

Had a photography workshop Sunday – we were a group of ten and walked from the Lower East Side thru the Bowery and a piece of Soho. Fantastic info and scenery was had by all. The instructor’s name was Marla Mossman – her calling card a photo she took in Afghanistan of a burka stall. The photo is mind blowing. Marla is exploring the cultures and countries of the Silk Road, working on a grant-financed project called the Peace Caravan Project ( Be sure to check the site out – especially the picture gallery.

But about the class – I learned this weekend there is much more to taking pictures than just pointing and shooting.  The first lesson learned: you control the camera, the camera does not control you. I was introduced to aperture, F-stops, and ISOs on Saturday; Sunday I attempted to use them. I may never go back to automatic mode….

But this new knowledge does not assure better pictures, just a better thought process. That may lead to better pictures. I was disappointed to learn there is no silver bullet – nothing is easy.

And ‘better’ is a subjective term. Second lesson learned: there are no wrong answers – just a different viewpoint. A different feeling. A variant on a theme.

How can you tell better?  Lesson 3: practice, practice, practice. I have a lot to do.  Thank heaven New York has so many neighborhoods!

So next time you are in town, let’s make it a point to meet on the southeast corner of Chrystie and Rivington, and let’s take a walk.

Here are some fruits of my labors:


One thought on “Chrystie & Rivington

  1. I enjoy the Temple of Beer next to the Temple of God! The neighborhood art work below the “live with art” window is fun too! You certainly captured a sense of the neighborhood. I’d love to walk it with you!

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