Grand Central Terminal – Exterior

Took a walking tour of Grand Central Station last Saturday and learned quite a bit about this gorgeous building that Jackie Kennedy Onassis fought so hard to save. Gorgeous architecture, great space, wonderful history. I never knew the  station was built by Cornelius Vanderbuilt, nor that its decorative oak leaves were the family’s emblem.  We first walked the outside of the massive building and then spent the rest of the day inside. As you will see, the lightworks were my favorite subject, but the place holds so much more! Like its market – full of spice aromas, flowers,  samples of the entire food chain, and a hanging bejeweled olive tree.  And certainly, there is the Main Concourse with the best meeting place under the clock; the kissing room; the east and west staircases; and The Oyster Bar in the subterranean food court.

Hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I did!


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