Grand Central Terminal – Interior

“In Grand Central you cannot shilly shally or dilly dally. Everyone rushes and dashes and zips and zaps and whizzes like crazy and oh what a dizzy and delightful place.”  Maira Kalman – Next Stop Grand Central.

Grand Central Station turns 100 years old this year. In addition to its size, some of the best attributes of Grand Central are its windows and vaulted ceilings.  Especially in the Grand Concourse. Its ceiling is the famous cerulean blue with the constellations depicted in gold leaf. In addition, there are thousands of stars on the ceiling (2,500), all revealed during the Herculean rehab work that was under taken in the 1970’s after Jackie O saved the Terminal from demolition. Hard to believe we almost lost this.

Here are 100 things you may not have known about Grand Central Terminal:


One thought on “Grand Central Terminal – Interior

  1. The link is great! Love the layout of the photos. You did a great job capturing the light bulbs, and I appreciate how challenging that is!

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