Neighborhood Walk

Walked around my end of town yesterday morning and took shots of new flowers. Towards the end of my walk, as I was sitting on the sidewalk taking pictures of a rabbit crossing, I saw a man walking down the sidewalk behind me. As he approached, he said  “You didn’t take a picture of my azalea bush! And they are 70-years old! ” As we walked back to his house, he told me the story of how they were planted. When we got to his front door, he showed me the planters his wife had designed, how she had taken a pansy theme and applied it to the front steps, the wreathe and the house flag. It turns out his wife was Donna, the first friend I made when I moved to Ocean Grove. Donna passed away suddenly about 7-years ago. Although I never knew her husband, I think of her as I pass her house walking into OG from the train station.  It was nice to hear a little story of her.

It was a good day.


One thought on “Neighborhood Walk

  1. Great detail. Love the insects on the flowers. Also, enjoyed the series with the allium. The coloring of the last iris is so delicate and beautiful. It seems the perfect ending for the heart warming experience you shared.

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